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Great Reviews 11/30/2013
Delicious. My favorite basic pizza. Thin crust, well-done, light sauce. Charlotte, ordered 251 times
Great Reviews 08/16/2013
The fettuccine Alfredo was delicious!!! They should put more sauce though. They forgot about my soup and gave me a refund. Very nice attitude, definitely ordering again Rylan, ordered 1 times
Great Reviews 05/01/2013
Awesome!!! Donald, ordered 286 times
Bad Reviews 09/16/2012
I ordered a pizza at 12:19. I received it at 1:52. The driver did not apologize. He just said they were busy. Don't order food from here. I order food several times a week. This is just unacceptable customer service Rene, ordered 176 times
Bad Reviews 05/28/2012
This is easily the greasiest pizza I've ever had. Derek, ordered 43 times
Great Reviews 02/11/2012
I only ordered from here once, but I got the lasagne and I thought it was excellent. Definitely would order from here again. Sharon, ordered 26 times
Ok Reviews 01/21/2012
the pizza was actually really good. i always get extra cheese and it was pretty rubbery... which is a good thing if you ask me. the ceasar salad came with some funky oily dressing... a little too oily. and the wings had no redhot sauce but were good and crispy, baked wings. the quality of the pizza was worth it though. Benjamin, ordered 277 times
Ok Reviews 01/15/2012
Food was great! However, they shorted us a small salad that we paid for. I didn't think a $3 salad was big enough a deal to call them back on an order that took 70 minutes to arrive. Donald, ordered 286 times
Great Reviews 01/12/2012
I got lasagna, and the sauce was great. It was a ton of food. The bf's spagetti was just ok. Next time we'll order the pizza. Sharon, ordered 26 times
Great Reviews 09/21/2011
I love this pizza. Sometimes it takes a little long to get here, but well worth the wait. Nicole, ordered 80 times
Great Reviews 05/08/2011
Awesome Pizza and Pasta!!! Donald, ordered 286 times
Ok Reviews 04/11/2011
would be better if it was not late and cold Jeramiah, ordered 101 times
Great Reviews 12/22/2010
A solid delivery spot Ian, ordered 14 times
Great Reviews 05/22/2010
Everything I have ordered here has ranged from pretty good to awesome. I love the Sausage Patty sandwich. Fast delivery! I recommend it Kylie, ordered 1 times
Bad Reviews 01/31/2010
deliver take too long, they cant get find my address, they dont speak english, food where cold when it got here, they just hung up when i told them their delivery man need to learn english and get on time Joo, ordered 1 times
Bad Reviews 04/29/2009
Even though I have ordered from this restaurant before and they have delivered to my address without any problems, they refused delivery since I, by mistake, entered the wrong phone number in my profile. In this economy is kind of strange that you can't get your pizza delivered even when you're willing to pay over $20.00 for it! This people are weird... Janine, ordered 26 times
Great Reviews 05/11/2008
Very accomodating to my special requests. Food wasnt amazingly spectacular, but was still very good and I was starving, so I cant complain! Lana, ordered 1 times
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Yelp's Reviews 292 reviews
This is our go to spot for solid East Coast pizza! Perfect amount of sauce and cheese, and great toppings. It's probably the only spot in the city with... read more...
Posted by Mike P. on

Came here after a day of drinking for Cinco de Mayo. The restaurant was empty- so I'm assuming they were planning to close early until my group of 8 walked... read more...
Posted by Coco L. on

Wow. what terrible customer service. Where do I even begin? I literally order about 20 minutes ago thru grubhub and the shift manager on Friday Feb 2nd at... read more...
Posted by Robin K. on